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About Me

Wordpress Developer and Designer in Greenwich.

My name is Dom and I am a full-stack developer and a designer. My main focus in on developing optimised systems carved for your needs, while making them slick and user-friendly. My specialisation is Wordpress, developing custom themes and systems including E-commerce solutions.

I believe that properly optimising your website is not only crucial in satisfactory user experience but also has an impact on web traffic in general, thus making internet more environmentally friendly. That’s why this page only weighs 1.5 mb, including all images scripts and styling.


Qualifications + experience

In January 2018 I joined the team in Resknow as a fullstack developer and designer. I’ve worked on an array of projects, from small custom built projects to extensive Wordpress and E-commerce solutions.

In July 2019 I graduated from London Metropolitan University in Computer Science, with first class honours.

In June 2020 I started Visual Synapses.

Skills + Software

I skillfully juggle wordpress, php, html, javascript, java, mysql and more, but you probably don’t care about that. Maybe just see my work instead


Web Design

When desinging I look at aspects such as user interface and user experience design, through developement to testing and deploying it online. With a keen interest in contemporary web design I always aim to stay on top of the latest trends.

Web Development

My main love, however, is developement. I pride myself in writing concise, elegant, and well documented code.

I pay a lot of attention to optimising and thoroughly testing my code, to make sure all your users can see what you’re trying to tell. I understand the importance of SEO and can guide you to better, more searchable content.


Need an online shop? I can help you create an e-commerce solution that fits your needs and allows your customers to buy your products hassle-free. I’ll walk you through how your system works and how to use it to get the best out of it after it’s been build too!

Wordpress Developer

Wordpress is the most popular Content Management System out there, so why not build with it? This popular solution enables you to take full control of your website even after it’s been built; visit wordpress.com, and see if this is what you need.


Finding Roots website | findingroots.co.uk
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Finding Roots

Website design & development. Wordpress with Woocommerce.

Finding Roots is a London based MicroGarden subscribition business. Finding Roots wanted a solution that's user-friendly, clean allows their customers to subscribe to their service using the bespoke checkout process.

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Dbamy o Wode Website | dbamyowode.pl
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Dbamy o wodę

Wordpress development with a 3rd party theme.

'Dbamy o wodę' is an initiative created by two large, Polish companies based in central Poland. The idea is to work together, educate and protect the natural resources in the region. They needed a clean, modern, corpo-esque site that, although is based on a Theme they purchased, neede quite alot of TLC and custom functionality.

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Alternative Morocco | alternativemorocco.com
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Alternative Morocco

Website design & development. Wordpress with Woocommerce.

The Alternative Morocco is an ethical travel agency which needed a website that enables their customers to see and purchase their tours.

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Smoke and Sound | smokeandsound.co.uk
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Smoke & Sound

Website development with Vue(Nuxt.js).

Lovely dark-themed website that emulates a book-like experience to show Smoke & Sound - a photo book created by two London creatives.

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